Review: Melmoth by Sarah Perry

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Fall is the perfect time to curl up with a good book and a hot drink – a crisp wind is outside rustling the leaves, but you’re warm and cozy on the couch. When I had the good fortune of winning an ARC copy of Sarah Perry’s Melmoth via a Goodreads giveaway in August, I was really excited to pick up this modern Gothic novel by an author who’s debut novel The Essex Serpent was received with critical acclaim.

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Non-Fiction November TBR aka I’m Back!

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Hi, hello, it’s me! I’m back. I know, it’s been way too long. Looking back on reviews and posts I wrote in the spring, it feels like it’s been a decade! I’m excited to be back and I will hopefully not fall off the wagon any time soon. Unfortunately, the spring was not the right time in my life to start a book blog: I was apartment hunting and then had to move, and I was also job hunting and then had to start a new job! Sheer exhaustion was my norm, I was busy with getting settled, and I wasn’t reading much. Now that I’ve been at my job and in our place for around 6-7 months, I feel like I’m in a solid head space to write again. And guess what? I’ve definitely been reading this year! Definitely have some reviews forthcoming.

I’m a dedicated non-fiction reader. I might love a good novel, but no one has to put a gun to my head to force me to read non-fiction. Sometimes I even feel like picking up a dry academic work about an obscure topic, or a fascinating memoir, or analysis about current events. Essay anthologies!! Love em. Nevertheless, I decided that participating in Non-Fiction November would boost my reading goals for the year (I’m sorely behind) and get some awesome non-fiction works off my TBR that I’ve just been itching to pick up.

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